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Medical Tourism

  • Why should you choose Germany as a destination for medical treatments?
  • HITS Medical Services To You
  • Comprehensive Health Check
  • Why should you choose Germany as a destination for medical treatments?

    Federal Republic of Germany has a very good reputation in the field of medical treatment and care of patients that come from all over the world to avail of its services. Even presidents and heads of state have travelled to Germany to undergo treatment at the hands of medical experts.

    Germany provides the best medical treatments available, combined with the best preventative care advice. The medical system operates under the highest international standards and is a centre of excellence providing a unique network for medical science, scientific research, and medical treatments all over the country. Each year this integrated network attracts tens of thousands of patients from outside Germany to come to German hospitals to undergo treatment in clinics. Germany has the best medical centres for patients.

    Such expert medical services are not located in just one centre but can be found in all the major hospitals located throughout Germany, and cater for all medical conditions. This gives patients freedom of choice and varied options as to where to have treatment.


    HITS Medical Services To You

    • Privacy accuracy speed and good price rules in our services to our valued customers from your first contact with us.
    • Our services in this area are not limited to people travelling for medical treatment but also includes services for those requiring dental and optical treatment.
    • Once we receive the medical reports from the patient, we will have them translated into of the German language by accredited translators, and present them to the specialists for consultation.
    • Once we have found the right medical professional we will provide you with full details of the doctor, their qualifications, together with the costs and expected duration of the treatment and other relevant information.
    • Reservations in the best hospitals with the best doctors or specialists.
    • Send an invitation from the hospital treating the patient and accompanying him to get the visa where needed.
    • Reservations in hotels or apartments for the patient and his companions upon request.
    • Reservations for all airlines.
    • Meeting the patient and companions at the airport.
    • Transfer of the patient to and from the hospital.
    • Simultaneous translation between doctors and patients.
    • Provide an interpreter and a car with a driver if and when needed.
    • Provide an interpreter and escort for female patients.
    • Banking facilities to open an account and bank transfers.
    • To extend the patient’s and his entourage visa when needed.
    • Provide the patient's final medical report at the end of treatment including the recommendations of doctors
    • Translation of medical reports from German into English or Arabic.
    • The organisation of leisure and recreational trips for the patient and his entourage to tourist areas and shopping centres in the region.

    When you arrive in Germany we will be there to welcome and assist you as you begin your medical treatment program.


    Comprehensive Health Check
    For those who only wish to have a complete health screening check we can arrange a program consisting of several basic tests such as:

    • A comprehensive blood test. This test is to identify the various components of the blood. red blood cells and platelets, the level of minerals, cholesterol, sugar levels, liver and kidney function.
    • Examine the abdominal cavity to establish the health of the internal organs, including: stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, intestine, kidneys, bladder and prostate.
    • CT scan of the abdomen.
    • An ECG and stress test, lung capacity, and testing of urine and stools, and continuous measurement of blood pressure and sugar levels.

    These tests require a day or two at most. Other medical tests may be added as determined by the doctor or other medical specialist as necessary based on the person's medical needs.

    We will quickly process your request and supply you with all the details of our service offer and cost as soon we receive all the necessary information from you.